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A Healthy Lifestyle Makes You a Happier, Healthier Midlife Woman

What midlife woman doesn't want to live a healthy lifestyle?

If your aim now is to live a happier, healthier life then this website is for YOU!

Forget midlife crisis - this site is about finding solutions, understanding how exercise and healthy eating enable you to deal with the inevitable changes that happen in midlife and beyond.

Everybody wants to be healthy, who doesn't? But how to do this once middle life approaches? You need not enroll yourself in a fitness program or force yourself into doing strenuous weight lifting routines just to keep yourself fit and healthy while still enjoying life's simple pleasures in your middle life.

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By following healthy lifestyle tips, heart healthy tips and healthy eating guidelines, together with sensible exercise plans you can overcome the challenges that face women between 40 and 60 - Midlife Women. (Yes, this website focuses on women but many men in their midlife can also benefit from this site too).
Take a Look at Your Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle woman

Do you suffer from mood swings, mild depression or overeating? Then you should try 5htp to balance out your mood swings. 5htp boasts your serotonin levels in your brain making you more content. Visit today to try out 5htp.

Do you eat a balanced healthy diet? Well if the answer is either NO or you are not sure, I'll show you how!

Are you a couch potato or do you take some regular form of exercise on the go?. Don't worry I'm not talking about training for a marathon or weightlifting. There are plenty of good reasons to exercise, combining these with simple changes to your diet, will set you on the right path to improved health.

So, lets do it together....

Midlife is potentially a time of transition, change or renewal. With a healthy body and mind we can all make improvements to our everyday life that will take us comfortably through to fitter, livelier, happier more successful future.

Advice and information, fun and ultimately success - what more could you ask for ladies? Well, diet and exercise will be looked at in more detail and other topics will include :-

Can smokers benefit from life insurance policies please check out our article here to find out.

If you've found that your health has been effected by a mistake during surgery, log on to Alexander Harris and speak to an expert medical negligence solicitor regarding UK medical negligence claims.

Healthy Lifestyle - what are we aiming for?

Basically it comes down to the body and mind having stamina, energy, strength, flexibility and capacity to do anything that a person would normally expect. For example, if walking up a steep hill, or pushing the supermarket trolley makes you short of breath, then maybe it's time to wonder why, and consider making changes.

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About Me, Just In Case You Are Curious
Do you want to know a little bit about me? Who is this midlife woman ?

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Health news articles for all midlife women living a healthy lifestyle who want to keep informed.

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Baby Boomers The Next Generation
However, for some it wаѕ thе fіrѕt bіrthday оf them becoming Baby Boomers. Thаt iѕ to say, thеу hаd then rеachеd аn age wherеby they were stаrting tо officially rеtirе in their millions.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips, Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle
Handy healthy lifestyle tips will inspire you. Use this list of keys to a healthy lifestyle as a reminder and live a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle

Daily Health Tips - Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Daily health tips. Quick tips, easy to follow - little things mean a lot, small lifestyle changes have lasting effects to keep you fit and healthy.

Healthy Eating Tips for Good Health and Physical Fitness in Midlife
Healthy eating tips to help you enjoy your food and maintain a healthy weight. Follow healthy eating guidelines and get to know healthy eating facts.

Heart Healthy Tips, Women and Heart Disease, Healthy Heart Tips
Following heart healthy tips and a diet of heart healthy foods will help minimize the risks of heart disease which is the leading cause of death for women in both the US and UK.

Healthy Anti-Aging Tips
Healthy Anti-Aging Tips....nonе оf us сan esсape the ravages and effесts оf aging. It іѕ а natural humаn рrосeѕѕ thаt wе grоw old.

Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging
Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging....go together as it is impossible to age in a healthy manner if measures are not taken to ensure sufficient reduction in stress levels.

Socializing and Healthy Aging
Socializing and healthy aging is a concept that is becoming more popular as a recent study showed that an active lifestyle could delay memory loss as one ages.

Communication and Healthy Aging
This is why communication and healthy aging go hand in hand. If you do not mix well, you will begin to feel isolated.

Healthy Eating Plans - Make Quick Healthy Meals
Healthy eating plans make creating quick healthy meals easy.Start with a daily meal plan, make healthy food choices every day without wasting food or time

Easy Healthy Meals - Healthy Fast Food Choices
Easy healthy meals don't need a recipe book. Putting together quick healthy meals in minutes is way better than eating unhealthy takeaways.

Positive Thinking and Healthy Aging
The first step to positive thinking is setting yourself small goals and then working hard to achieve them. It could be a short walk to the end of the road on the first day

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle is much more than eating the right foods and exercising. A healthy lifestyle includes being in a healthy environment where body and soul flourish.

Healthy Gardening For Midlifers
Healthy gardening is one of the activities that are recommended by health care specialists to people in their midyears. It has been proven that people who actively participate in gardening enjoy life.

Main Components of Physical Fitness, The Importance of Physical Fitness
The main components of physical fitness must be considered when determining your true overall level of fitness.Your ideal fitness routine should address all of these components

Best Aerobic Activities to Improve Your Overall Health,Cardiovascular Exercises
Choose the best aerobic activities for an exercise program and produce wonderful changes in your body, look good and feel great

Aerobic Activity , Benefits of Aerobic Exercise, Types of Aerobic Exercise
There are various types of aerobic activity, you will soon see and feel the benefits aerobic exercise if you choose something suited to your lifestyle and ability,and most importantly that you enjoy

Exercise On The Go....Exercises on the Road
Exercise On The Go....if you spend a lot of time on the road it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with your exercise routine.

Yoga and Healthy Living
Ask yoga trainers and others you know that practice yoga. Since this is about yoga and healthy living,

What is Aerobic Activity? Understand Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise
Do you understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic or really know what is aerobic activity? For a definition of aerobic and history of aerobic exercise read on

Best Leg Exercises For Women, Leg Toning Exercises, Leg Videos
What are the best leg exercises for women? Are your thighs bulging, your inner thighs sagging and knees chubby? You need exercises that produce real results

Arm Exercises For Women, Best Arm Exercises, Toning Exercises
After the age of 40 we begin to notice loss of muscle tone so its time for arm exercises for women who want their arms to stay looking young and toned.

Best Abdominal Exercises For Women - Best Stomach Exercises
Which are the best abdominal exercises for a flatter tummy and strong core?

Flexibility and Fitness, Fitness and stretching
Flexibility and fitness go hand in hand, flexibility and stretching will improve keep you mobile and improve your performance of everyday tasks

Include a Strength Training Routine in your Fitness Program
A strength training routine is an essential component of women's fitness programs, especially midlife women. The benefits of strength training include preventing bone loss, weight control, energizing

Best Stretching Routines, Good Stretching Exercises
How can stretching help you? The best stretching routines improve health, fitness and sporting performance, loosens tight stiff muscles and helps recovery from pain.

Home Pilates Workout, Pilates At Home, At Home Exercises,
Create a personal home pilates workout and have the benefit of exercises targeting problem areas without the expense of attending a class.

Yoga at Home, Enjoy the Health Benefits of Yoga, Easy Yoga Routines
Learn to do yoga at home, enjoy all the health benefits of yoga by learning basic yoga poses and following easy yoga workouts.

Reasons To Exercise, Benefits to Exercise, The Importance of Exercise
There are compelling reasons to exercise throughout our lives but it is even more important as we reach midlife.Its not just about weight loss, you'll be stronger, less stressed, more mentally alert

Home Exercise Routine, Free Workout Routines, Home Exercise Programs
Following a home exercise routine will keep you in shape without needing to join a gym or buy expensive equipment, its low cost and convenient

At Home Exercises, Home Exercise Routine, Free Workout Routines
When you are at home exercises can easily be fitted in around your normal life.

Cool Down Exercises, Benefits of Stretching
Cool down exercises help the heart and breathing to return normal levels after a period of exercise.

Warm Up Exercises, Warm Up Routine
Warm up exercises should always be done before any type of exercise.Stretching the muscles increases blood flow,reduces the risk of injury and increase the enjoyment and benefit of your workout.

What is Body Composition? An Important Indicator of Your Health & Fitness
Are you are asking what is body composition? Its a measurement that indicates your body fat percentage and is an important indicator of your overall health

Measuring Body Composition - Check your Body Fat Percentage
Measuring Body composition gives a better indication of your health than bathroom scales.If you are on a weight management program it is the most important measurement to take

Body Mass Index Formula, Calculating BMI
How appropriate is it to judge our health and fitness using the Body Mass Index formula, a method developed over 150 years ago?

How to Calculate BMI - What is a Healthy BMI ?
Easy bmi calculation with this online bmi calculator.Do you want to know how to calculate bmi and what bmi is ?

Weight Loss Without Dieting - A Healthy Diet To Lose Weight
Weight loss without dieting can be achieved by following these simple guidelines.

Lose Weight Walking - Walking As Exercise
To lose weight walking aim for around 10,000 steps a day and you could lose as much as 350-400 calories

Calories Burned While Walking - Lose Weight Walking
Calories burned while walking can help with weight loss, I explain how far and fastyou have to walk.

Drinking Water to Lose Weight - Benefits of
Studies have shown that drinking water to lose weight really can help as part of a weight management plan.

Weight Loss Diet Reviews
Weight Loss Diet Reviews....I have bееn kееpіng tаbѕ оn what is pоpular іn the іn the world оf weight loss.

Crazy Diets - Are they Weight Loss For Idiots?
Crazy diets - are they a quick fix solution to all your weight problems or can they harm your health?

OTC Allergy Medication
OTC Allergy Medication is necessary for anyone that suffers from allergic reactions of any kind.

Natural Remedies Versus Modern Medicines
Natural remedies have no side effects and that perhaps, is the strongest reason why many more people are drawn to this form of medicine.

Healthy Herbs - Health Benefits of Little Known Herbs!
Healthy Herbs......many popular herbs are famous for their natural health benefits, so much so that they are becoming part of our everyday lives.

Learn To Listen - Learning How to Heal
If we can learn to listen to our bodies, we can better understand what we may be doing, or not doing, that could be the cause.

Womens Health Issues - Womens Fitness and Health
Womens Health Issues may overlap with problems that affect men too but women have their own specific concerns and problems which is why womens fitness and health is such a specialized topic

Menopause Questions - Signs and Symptoms of Menopause
Ask menopause questions and get straightforward answers to common problems about the signs and symptoms of menopause.

Recognizing and Battling Breast Cancer
The diagnoses of breast cancer have been widespread throughout North America and in Europe. There were over 200,000 cases diagnosed in the United States in 2001.

What Is Osteoporosis And How To Prevent It
What is osteoporosis? describe the condition in which bones become porous and brittle,affecting both men and women in middle age and beyond.

Preventing Osteoporosis - How to Prevent Osteoporosis
Diet, Lifestyle and Exercise can play a big part in preventing osteoporosis. Quitting smoking and reducing the amount of alcoholyou drink will also have a beneficial effect

Osteoporosis Risk Factors, Preventing Osteoporosis
Women in their 40's should be aware of osteoporosis risk factors because there is no way of knowing that the process has begun. However, its never too late to take preventative steps.

Exercise for Osteoporosis, Preventing Osteoporosis-Weight Bearing Exercises
Exercise for osteoporosis with strength training or weight bearing exercises which also benefit anyone who wants to improve their fitness and health.

Exercises for Osteoporosis, Preventing Osteoporosis, Follow Videos
Exercises for osteoporosis are strength training or weight bearing exercises.Follow these video guides and improve your bone density.

How To Reduce Cholesterol Levels
Before we begin discussing how to reduce cholesterol levels, let's first discuss exactly what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance produced in the liver for various body functions.

Normal Blood Pressure Reading, What is Normal Blood Pressure?
Do you know what a normal blood pressure reading is? Why is a healthy blood pressure range important?

Checking Blood Pressure - Measuring Blood Pressure
Checking blood pressure at home? Choose from the best blood pressure monitors available for home use clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society.

Signs of High Blood Pressure - Causes and Reasons for High Blood Pressure
What are the signs of high blood pressure? Read about how you can protect yourself from the dangers of this serious health problem.

How To Lower Blood Pressure - Controlling and Reducing High Blood Pressure
Find out how to lower blood pressure. You can begin to treat or prevent hypertension by making changes to your lifestyle and diet. Also read the article about herbs to control the heart rhythm

Foods to Lower Blood Pressure - Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally
Including foods to lower blood pressure in your diet can in some cases be significant in lowering blood pressure naturally with out medication.

Low Blood Pressure Readings, Symptoms and Causes
Low blood pressure readings are generally good news but the symptoms should always be investigated.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors - Measuring Blood Pressure
The best blood pressure monitors are those which have been clinically validated as being accurate and reliable.Check this list before buying.

Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews - Digital Blood Pressure Monitors
These blood pressure monitor reviews will help you choose the best blood pressure monitor for you. Leave your own review of a blood pressure monitor you use and help others make the best choice too.

Managing Depression, Self Help for Depression, Exercise and Depression
Managing Depression.Exercising and other forms of self help for depression can boost serotonin and balance brain chemicals without the need for prescription drugs

Main Causes of Stress - Signs and Symptoms of Stress
What are the main causes of stress in your life? Workplace worries, money problems, family feuds-stress comes from all angles in our lives.

Tips For Reducing Stress, Ways to Deal With Stress, Stress Reducing Tips
Tips for reducing stress. Practice these stress reducing tips, bring peace and tranquility back to your life. Stress can have serious consequences for your health, learn to manage it now.

Free Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes About Life
Get inspired with free inspirational quotes - need an inspirational thought for the day? Specially chosen sources of the best quotations about life.

Exercise and Aerobics Workouts, Best Aerobic Exercise, Write About Them Here
Have you found fitness routines or aerobics workouts that are fun, or challenging and really works for you? Have you got a better body or lost weight by working out with a celebrity DVD?

Womens Health Questions and Answers
Ask any womens health questions,fitness, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Find answers and opinions from others, see others questions and solutions.

The True Meaning of Success
Are you in search of the true meaning of success? What does success mean to you? Read about other peoples success and share your achievements and success stories.

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I'm Tiffany - fifty something midlifer - 20 years experience! This site is packed with advice and information to help you get the most out of life by becoming, healthier, fitter, happier and ultimately taking you to a more satisfying future. C'mon, let's do it together!

Want to know more? Contact me - I like to talk:-) or find out more about me.

Healthy Lifestyle Defined...
"Living a healthy lifestyle" - health can be defined as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" and Lifestyle in its simplest definition is "how you live your life".

Living a Healthy Lifestyle = Living life in a way that nurtures our physical and emotional health!