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  • Hello! Welcome to the official website of Taiyuan Hongyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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    Isostatic presses are used in magnetic materials, ceramics, cemented carbide, rare earth permanent magnets, rare metal powders and other industries

    Four core advantages of Hongyi MachineryMore than 10 years of isostatic press industry precipitation, independent research and development and production

    Focus is

    鴻Hongyu Machinery has been precipitated in the isostatic press industry for more than 10 years, independent research and development


    The company independently develops and produces isostatic presses, mainly engaged in various models of cold isostatic presses


    It has a team engaged in the design and manufacture of isostatic pressing equipment for many years. It has all kinds of mechanical processing


    Provide on-site installation and commissioning, training and operation of machine technology; Warranty period, warranty and replacement

    safe /security

    Scientific and rigorous design, high safety factor. Exquisite processing technology and scientific management system are a solid guarantee for product quality. The high-pressure chamber, frame and booster cavity adopt steel wire pre-strain tension winding structure, which is safer.

    reliable /reliable

    It adopts advanced PLC electrical control system and hydraulic system, and the control system is stable and reliable. There is a combined filter device in the high-pressure chamber, and the working medium and power medium generated are isolated from each other by multiple seals to avoid impurity damage.

    Humanized /humanized

    Using man-machine interface, the setting operation is simple and convenient, and the "one-key start" function in addition to the picking and discharging actions can be realized

    plausible /reasonable

    Reasonable and optimized hydraulic design and production. The pressure relief speed is adjustable, the pressure relief is slow, the impact is small, the failure rate is low, the operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient

    Enter Hongyu MachineryAbout us

    Taiyuan Hongyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

    It is located in Xiangyang Town, Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, close to the Xiangyang Expressway. The company's main business: various models of cold isostatic presses, temperature isostatic presses, dry bag isostatic presses, etc. Cold isostatic press products from diameter 100 to diameter 1000, depth from 0--3000, pressure 0--400 MPa of various models...

    • 10 For many years, he focused on the production of isostatic presses
    • 18 Has 18 technical certificates
    • 10Multiple technical R&D personnel
    • 2000㎡Production plant

    Hongyu Machinery provides youFree on-site installation and commissioning, training and operation of machine technology

    ational Consultation Telephone13934632021

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    Industry news

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    Address: Xiangyang Village, Xiangyang Town, Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan City (Jinshan Electroplating Factory courtyard)Contact: Manager Mu

    Contact number: 0351-3931592 Contact number: 0351-3931592

    Zip code: 1120936427@qq.com

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