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Yoga and Healthy Living

Yoga and Healthy Living

Yoga and Healthy Living....Yoga falls into the category of what is often referred to as mind and body exercises; that is, exercises that not only make you fit physically but also increase your mental fitness and alertness.

Yoga is a discipline that is gotten from India and has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a discipline or exercise that is used to strengthen the physical body and also the mind. It has several benefits the most important being that yoga promotes healthy living.

Disadvantages of Yoga

There have been several disadvantages linked with yoga; most of these of course are the result of ignorance of the exercise and superstition. In reality however, the major disadvantage with yoga is that it could be potentially harmful to amateur practitioners. Yoga is an exercise that has different stages including beginner stages up to advanced stages.

Like any exercise, when a beginner tries to use advanced moves before being taught, injury is likely to be the result. This has led many to label yoga a dangerous exercise. For yoga to be a source of healthy living, you need to understand your capacity and not rush into doing the more difficult exercises before the body or the mind is ready.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is known more for its benefits than its disadvantages and this is not surprising really as yoga and healthy living have become known as different sides of the same coin. Yoga makes use of breathing techniques which are central to the exercise. These help you to get centered emotionally as well as mentally; you are able to focus better.

Because of the stretches and physical positions that a yoga session demands, you find that your body becomes fitter, more flexible and supple while it grows continuously stronger. Mentally, you become more alert and are better able to achieve calmness and have a firmer grip on your emotions.

Yoga at home is becoming more recognized by health care providers as a beneficial form of alternative medicine and an NIH Factsheet revealed that more people were being referred by their health care providers.

Practicing Yoga

There are different types of yoga and various methods of practicing this exercise. So if you are serious about yoga and healthy living, the first thing to do is to research the different methods of yoga. Ask yoga trainers and others you know that practice yoga. Since this is about yoga and healthy living, you need to make sure that you have the go-ahead from your health care provider; no sense choosing a form of yoga and not being able to enjoy it. Next, look for a yoga trainer or a yoga group.

Most local gyms have a yoga class which you can sign up for. Yoga is not an exercise you want to do without guidance from an expert; this is because of the complex moves and the mental aspect of the exercise. Besides, there might be some special techniques you might want to learn about. Yoga is about peace and mental focus even as it is about physical development therefore you need to make sure that you are comfortable when practicing yoga. This covers location, timing and clothing.

Yoga is a daily exercise and if you want to experience yoga and healthy living, you need to set aside time each day and commit to it. It is not about how fast you can learn a yoga pose or how soon you begin to see the effects of the exercise, it is about commitment and patience.

Healthy living is a lifestyle choice not an overnight occurrence and so is yoga. Be gentle to yourself and start with poses that you can easily manage. Rest in-between poses and before long you will begin to see the effects as yoga and healthy living become a part of your daily lifestyle.

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