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What is Body Composition -
Why Should You Care?

Are you are asking what is body composition? Its a measurement that indicates your body fat percentage and is an important indicator of your overall health

Body composition is a measurement of the ratio of lean tissue, that is muscle and all other non-fat tissue, to body fat. Measuring body composition can be done in several ways which vary in accuracy and ease of use. More on these later.

If the aim of your healthy lifestyle is to live a fully active, enjoyable life then you will want to know what is body composition, especially if you are following a weight management program. By measuring body composition you will have a better indication of your body fat percentage and so be able to monitor changes and act on them. It isn't necessarily about losing weight!

By making the right changes to your diet and the exercise you do, it is quite possible for you to change the appearance of your body and improve your body fat percentage without your weight changing much. This is because the fat is being replaced by nice lean muscle.

How Do I Look In This?

So lets get to the nitty gritty, most of us probably only want to know whether we took good in our clothes during the day, and with rather less on at night - right? Until recently my main method of assessing my weight was how tight my jeans felt! When it was too much of a struggle to fasten them I knew I needed to shed a few pounds - hardly very accurate or scientific!

body compositionIn our midlife years we are likely to look more like the image on the left than the one on the right - Unless we've kept to an exercise routine and diet, not had children,or lived a normal busy life!

body composition

Slimming and weight loss are BIG, BIG business but while these are topics of interest to us they are not the main focus of this site. There is more to leading a healthy, happy life than obsessing about our weight.

Body composition, and body mass index or BMI, are both indicators of the state of health of our bodies, the bathroom scales just don't get to it.

A Positive Attitude to Measuring Body Fat

As we reach this midlife stage of our lives we are probably starting to notice some changes to our body shape. We jump on the scales, see that our weight hasn't changed, sigh with relief and carry on as before.Unfortunately we can 'get fatter' without increasing our weight and not actually eating more than 'before fat' - its the way our bodies work. It's quite possible for your weight not to have changed for years, but as we age we lose muscle and and the amount of fat increases - not good!

Measuring your body fat percentage or body composition regularly means you can monitor the situation and make sure you are not losing muscle, which is vital to maintaining our healthy lifestyle. It is key to staying strong, active, flexible and overall wellbeing.

Now you understand the answers to What is Body Composition? I expect you can see how much more impact it has on your overall health than just knowing your weight and you will want to know about measuring body composition - right?

Do you have any favorite Healthy Lifestyle Tips?. Please share them with us here!

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