Things To Do For New Year’s Resolution Success

file0001410614839We have all been in this situation: it is the middle of January and we have just broken our New Year’s resolutions. They last a few weeks though so that is success, right? You couldn’t be further from the truth.

Simply put, that the vast majority of resolutions will be broken by the end of January however it does not have to be this way if you take some simple advice on how to stick to your resolutions and ensure that you follow them through until the end.

For example, most people will choose to go it alone with their promises of fulfilling their resolutions. This is the first mistake to make; if you can get someone to do the same thing as you are doing then you stand a much, much higher chance of sticking to it. Giving each other support and helping each other along the way is much more sustainable than going it alone.

Furthermore, do not worry if you relapse. No-one expects you to be completely true to your resolutions in the short term and you should not think that you have to be either; if you relapse in the first month then do not worry, this is normal. It doesn’t mean that you have failed as there will also be a few bumps along the way however as long as you can get back on track then you should still be able to experience success.

You should always keep the motive for the resolution in mind and never lose sight of why you are doing it. For instance, are you giving up chocolate and fatty foods so that you can lose weight? Always keep the fundamental reason and motive for doing the resolution in mind because if you forget this then the motivation and enthusiasm that you have will quickly disappear and the targets you set yourself will be forgotten about.

Lastly, ensure that your resolutions are realistic. For example don’t set yourself targets for learning new skills and then expect it to happen within a couple of months. Goals are good and timeframes can be very helpful but be very realistic with them to ensure maximum success.

Keeping to your New Year’s resolutions is difficult. Most people fail because they do not have the will to keep going. Finding that desire and remembering why you are undertaking the resolution in the first place will make it far easier for you to stick to it and always think ahead to how better your life might be if you achieve success with your plan.