Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging

Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging

Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging….go together as it is impossible to age in a healthy manner if measures are not taken to ensure sufficient reduction in stress levels. There is a lot of awareness about the negative effects of stress but few are aware that there is actually a positive aspect to stress.

While negative stress has debilitating effects on a person’s health and general wellbeing, positive stress is often what pushes us to achieve our life’s goals. Each individual has a personal stress threshold and the trick is being aware of one’s personal stress threshold so as to adequately balance stress.

As we grow older, it seems as though the stress threshold decreases and we become more prone to stressful situations. Stress reduction is one of the major ways to achieving healthy aging.

Causes of Stress

What constitutes stress differs for each individual; it is still a matter of being aware of personal thresholds. However, some common areas that cause stress in our daily lives include our work situations. This is common in most people and cuts across gender and occupation. Sometimes, the home situation can add to your stress levels especially where there are personal bills that keep piling up. Health related issues could also be a cause of stress, which in turn produces even more health related issues. Stress reduction and health are so tightly knit together that one will invariably affect the other. A change in circumstance, such as moving to a new environment or a new job can also add to stress levels. Death is a major cause of stress in most people.

Effects of Stress

The effects of stress have been well documented and medical research has shown clearly that lack of stress reduction is inimical to healthy aging. One stress related illness is depression. Several people suffer from depression as a result of unmanaged stress. Anxiety is another condition that has been traced to high stress levels. A serious condition which can either be caused or aggravated by stress is heart disease. Stress that is not well managed can play havoc on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Chronic stress also leads to premature aging which is why stress and healthy aging are so interrelated.

Stress Reduction Techniques

There are many techniques that can be utilized for stress reduction. Of course, there are simple alleviators of stress, such as that novelty earth stress ball sitting on your co-worker’s desk. Sometimes, however, a simple stress ball just is not enough. Luckily though, there are more intensive stress reduction techniques that may provide much more precise relief. Some of these include exercise. As a matter of fact, lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle have been tied to the increase in high stress level and premature aging. It does not have to be anything intense and a brisk 15 minute walk several times a week will do wonders for stress reduction and healthy aging. Another stress reduction technique is listening to relaxing music. This can be done with a good book or while meditating as meditation has been found to be a very effective stress reduction technique. Make an effort to frequently take time out for yourself; it could be some alone time at the park.

Preventing Increased Stress Levels

Sometimes, it is advised to try as much as possible to avoid situations that would increase your stress levels. This could involve paying your bills on time. Having a workable budget and sticking to it can go a long way in stress reduction and healthy aging.

It is impossible to totally do without people or situations that increase your stress levels, but if you do your best to eliminate the stressors that you can, and practice some stress management & reduction techniques, then you will experience better health and healthy aging.

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