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Natural Remedies Versus Modern Medicines

Natural Remedies Versus Modern Medicines

Natural Remedies....the search for natural remedies or holistic medicine is no longer an endeavor that is left to just a few as more & more people are becoming aware of the long term benefits that come with it.

While in the not too distant past, physicians and other medical professionals were very vocal about their skepticism; these days more healthcare providers are increasingly recommending this alternative form of medicine to their patients. Some of which include massage therapy, meditation, herbs and acupuncture amongst many others.

It is hard to trace the exact history of natural remedies or to say just when and where they originated from. They are as old as humanity itself and each ancient culture and civilization had their own form of medicine that does not fall within the gambit of what is today known as conventional medicine. These practices were taken from nature and made use of herbal medicine and essential oils amongst others.

While the Chinese were developing their unique form of acupuncture, the ancient Indian culture was perfecting and refining the Ayurvedic way of life which incorporates massage therapy and other natural remedies. The ancient Egyptians were quite famous for their use of natural ingredients to cure illnesses and to extend life; they were also known for their anti-aging formulas created from natural ingredients. So also were the Mayans.

In the Middle Ages there were commonly two types of healers to be found in Europe; the physicians and the folk healers who were sought after by the poorer people. Even though the transition was made as more people moved to contemporary medicine, in some places like Africa the folk healer is still pretty much relevant. Regardless of the many changes and developments in modern medical practices, there will still be a place for the application of natural remedies.

Even with physicians beginning to appreciate the benefits of holistic medicine, the debate on natural remedies versus modern prescription drugs is an ongoing one. This debate has been in existence since the influence of contemporary medical practitioners grew after the Middle Ages.

Prescription drugs are drugs that contain some form of chemical or the other and are used in treating ailments and diseases in a patient. The first thing to note is that prescription drugs are for the most part, derived from herbs, which fall under natural remedies. They are refined upon and combined with chemical substances to provide relief and sometimes cure.

Prescription drugs are often used for illnesses that holistic medicine does not have a cure for. Although it might be more accurate to state that the cure has not been brought to the limelight or is not yet accepted by mainstream medicine.

When it comes to mental and psychological illnesses though, prescription drugs often do more harm than good and have no lasting effect on the sufferer; which is why healthcare providers are increasingly recommending natural remedies such as massage therapy and meditation for patients with mental problems. Even though it is difficult to say that one form of medicine is superior to the other, those who have experienced the healing benefits of holistic medicine swear by it.

Holistic medicine is often employed in topical illnesses that affect the skin and often have better success rates than prescription drugs. Also when it comes to relieving stress and calming the nerves, acupuncture, massage therapy or meditation will go further to helping than any prescription drug. Moreover, their effects are often more permanent. Natural remedies have no side effects and that perhaps, is the strongest reason why many more people are drawn to this form of medicine.

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