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How Do You Know If You Are Living With Depression?
When it's more than just a bad hair day!

living with depression
Photo courtesy of Erin Vermeer

The most difficult part of living with depression can be acknowledging and realizing that it is more than just feeling down, and then being motivated to take action to help yourself.

In some peoples eyes depression is something that you should be able to snap out of, or you are just being lazy and using it as an excuse to opt out of life' responsibilities. Unfortunately for you these people - they may be your partner, friends or work colleagues - are not aware of the facts about depression.

Understanding depression is key to recovery. You need to educate yourself about it, and if the people close to you do so as well, then life will be easier for you.

Are you living with a depressed person? Read this article and discover how you can help them.

Sad? Unhappy? Or Are You Depressed?

The signs and symptoms of depression are complex but they amount to much more than just feeling down. Try to review how you're feeling over a period of a few days, jot down some words throughout the day that describe how you feel.

Maybe you are weary as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, fearful of facing the office or work, irritated by everyone.

Are you avoiding doing things you used to enjoy or meeting with friends. How is your appetite? Often people lose interest food, and sex!

Are you tearful or generally over emotional in your responses to normal events?

You may find this depression checklist helpful - print the page and tick off the items that apply to you, then take this with you to your doctor.

If you are recognizing yourself in these descriptions please consider visiting your doctor and get checked out. You may have a physical examination, blood and urine tests to rule out other illnesses that could be making you feel like this.

I know how hard it is both physically and mentally to get into the frame of mind to do this. Don't be afraid, many others will have been there before you, and your doctor will understand how you feel.

How To Beat Depression

There are many ways of beating depression. From my own experience I can say that once you are aware of the signs and symptoms of depression for you personally, a combination of self help and natural natural treatments will compliment any medication prescribed.

Depression is one of many good reasons to exercise and get your body fit inside and out. Some people living with depression find it very difficult to eat but a healthy balanced diet will make a difference to your overall health. Read more about the benefits of healthy eating and start making any changes necessary to improve your diet.

Depression creeps up on you. You may not have even considered that you are living with depression, just by reading this page you have taken the first step towards recovery.

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