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Enjoy Your Home Pilates Workout
Going to classes doesn't suit everyone

By creating a personal home Pilates workout you can have the benefit of exercises targeting problem areas without the expense of attending a class.

Its true! There is a wealth of information freely available online, in books and videos. You can start with just a mat, or towel, to make yourself comfortable, and the whole of Pilates Matwork Exercises can be performed in your own home.

Unlimited Pilates for $18 per month. Studio classes too expensive? Online video classes in HD for all levels.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s by physical trainer. Pilates is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strengthening the total body. By correcting posture, Pilates can strengthen your body against future injuries.

Joseph Pilates left Germany for America where he set up his first fitness studio which became very popular with top ballet dancers, sport-people and the rich and famous, attracted by a workout that built strength and flexibility without bulk.

Pilates is now practiced by millions of people around the world in classes and at home who enjoy the benefits it brings. Learn the principles and some simple Pilates exercises, when performed regularly you will see and feel the benefits in just a few weeks.

How to get started - Your Home Pilates Workout

Start by checking out some good quality videos to see whether an at home Pilates routine appeals to you. Include names like Winsor, Stott, Body Control and Brooke Siler in your searches, that way you will see top quality demonstrations like the examples below.

Pilates is popular with many people who have back problems but the exercises are equally good for all. This example is from Stott Pilates.

Stott Pilates grade their DVD's according to ability.

In this video Lynne Robinson from Body Control Pilates demonstrates the basic principles of Pilates.

The final video is an example from Winsor Pilates.

There are many different approaches to Pilates, some more dynamic than others. However don't be fooled into thinking that slow movements are ineffective - Pilates is all about the quality each move, not the quantity or speed.

If an at home Pilates workout appeals then you can easily bookmark a few free videos that will make up a short routine. Better still invest in a couple of books and DVD's so you can gain a better understanding of the Pilates system, and have some complete routines available.

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