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Healthy Eating Plans Make Creating Quick Healthy Meals Easy

Healthy eating plans for breakfast, lunches, dinners and even snacks, will ensure the food you cook and eat is at its freshest, and avoid waste of both time and money.

Eating freshly prepared and cooked food packed with nutrients will ensure our bodies get the maximum benefits possible.

You may be thinking you don't need a plan, having shopped and cooked for years without 'A PLAN' it might seem a bit unnecessary. Well, I've done it all ways - daily meal plan, weekly meal plans, meal planning software, recipe makers, nutrition analyzers.... What I found out is that a plan of some kind is better than no plan at all, but in the end you have to find out what works best for you.

healthy eating plans

Generally, I make healthy eating plans for two or three days ahead which is manageable without resorting to writing it down. A 'wipe clean' board clearly labeled 'Healthy Shopping List', makes sure no junk food goes on it, and my list of healthy food is to hand as a reminder.

Download your copy of the Healthy Eating Planner

When deciding how to make your healthy meal plans, you can make the task as detailed as you wish, or go for the minimalist approach, just as long as it achieves the desired result of healthy meals, preferably quick healthy meals!

What About Portion Sizes?

Rather than refer to specific portion sizes, which seem to vary from country to country, and of course according to personal preference, remember we are trying to achieve balance.

healthy eating plans

A great visual guide which will help you get the balance right is the Eatwell Plate. There's no need to get it right at every meal but try to balance it out over a few days.

Download your large copy of the Eatwell Plate

Listen to a dietitian talking about '5 a Day Portions'

Putting it all together

Once you've decided which method you are going to use for your healthy eating plans, its time to get down to work.

  • Get out your favorite cookbook for ideas and inspiration
  • Have your list of healthy food to hand
  • Make a list of the meals you eat on a regular basis
  • Start planning - combine healthy food from your list into your regular meals, and use your cookbook if you are stuck for ideas.

Remember, we are aiming for balance, so make sure your meals follow these guidelines...

  • Incorporate a variety of different foods
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Eat plenty of starchy and fibre rich foods
  • Eat moderate amounts of meat, fish and eggs
  • Eat moderate amounts of milk and dairy products
  • Eat small amounts of foods high in fat and sugar

Its easier to maintain balance if you make your healthy eating plans 3 or 4 days at a time, you will begin to see the bigger picture and also make the best use of fresh ingredients without waste.

Finally, check the store cupboard for essential basics and make your shopping list - Congratulations! You are on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays much of our life is based on convenience, so another option you might consider that can be a real time saver once you've got organized is make ahead freezer meals. Having a supply of home prepared freezer meals to hand when you're weary at the end of a long day can save you time and money, plus you know the quality of the ingredients, and that you will actually enjoy them!

Do you have any favorite Healthy Lifestyle Tips?. Please share them with us here!

Your Favorite Tips & Suggestions!

Do you have favorite tips or suggestions on this subject, if you do then we would love to hear from you!.

Give Your Favorite Tips & Suggestions A Title

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