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Healthy Breakfast Foods
Do You Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast?

  • Looking for healthy breakfast foods and ideas?

  • Fed up with same old cereals and juice routine?

  • Not sure what foods are best for your breakfast?

Do you need a list of healthy food?
Take this with you when you shop - eat whatever fits with your lifestyle and budget.

healthy breakfast foods - bacon and eggs

Start your day right with a delicious healthy breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day. Many people rush off to work everyday without anything to eat at all, and don't appreciate the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Make a daily meal plan as the first step towards getting organized with healthy eating plans and it will make it so much easier to get the 'breakfast' habit.

Why is Breakfast Important?

When we wake up in the morning it will usually have been around 8-10 hours since we last ate. We may have low blood sugar and be feeling hungry. Some people say they're never hungry in the mornings, so it may be a good idea for them to reduce the amount they eat at dinner time, and start by having just a small breakfast.

So why eat breakfast?

healthy breakfast foods - boiled eggs

  • Low blood sugar and metabolic imbalances may cause you to feel weery or fatigued

  • By lunchtime you'll be so hungry you'll eat anything

  • Establishing regular eating habits makes it easier to either maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight

  • Eating healthy breakfast foods introduces more variety to our diet helping to ensure we receive essential nutrients

  • A healthy breakfast contributes to better concentration, improved memory and learning ability

  • According to the American Heart Association eating breakfast significantly reduces the likelihood of diabetes

  • Eating a healthy breakfast should increase energy levels, which in turn means being more active, and that means better weight management!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The following are ideas for you to play around with, not specific recipes! There's nothing complicated about any of these suggestions so have fun.

  • Cook rolled oats with added sliced almonds or mixed nuts, dried raisins, apricots and cranberries, topped with sunflower seeds. Add cinnamon when cooking, serve topped with low fat milk or yoghurt.

    healthy breakfast foods - cereals

  • Breakfast cereals may not be all they seem so learn how to read the labels! Look for products made from whole grains, low in salt and sugar, fat and saturates. Weetabix and supermarket own brand versions are good contenders as is Nestles Shredded Wheat. If these a bit bland for your taste pretty them up with some yummy fresh fruit and berries, serve with skimmed or semi skimmed milk, or low fat yoghurt.

  • Fish makes a great breakfast meal, salmon, mackrell and kippers are excellent sources of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Serve with wholemeal bread or crispbreads.

Healthy breakfast foods are simply the same good wholesome foods that we may eat at any time. You can now see how to incorporate them into your breakfast, getting the day off to a flying start, and are hopefully inspired to be more creative.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Now it's time to introduce you to BreakfastandBrunch.com - the best place on the net for all things breakfast, and of course brunch! Not only will you find the yummiest breakfast recipes but breakfast equipment and supplies of all kinds. Go on, spoil yourself with a delicious recipe for healthy breakfast foods and get the Breakfast Habit!

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