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Crazy Diets
Are You Really That Desperate?

The thousands of crazy diets, dozens for every letter of the alphabet, type of fruit, and part of your body. Do they work or are they just weight loss for idiots?

It happens to us all - we suddenly find ourselves carrying an extra few pounds just when we need to fit into that special dress or a favorite pair of jeans. Before we know it we're searching for diets that will give us the biggest weight loss in the shortest time.

Do you want healthy weight loss without dieting or crazy diets?

Diet Plans to Lose Weight

I'm not saying there aren't good and effective diets, of course there are. It's easy to be drawn to crazy diets, for an apparent quick fix. Before you commit to any diet plan make sure it's safe, effective and healthy.

crazy diets - woman eating melon
According to Consumersearch.com, Weight Watchers is the best weight loss program overall:-

This program encourages a sensible diet of healthy, ordinary foods, combined with exercise and a positive attitude. Weight Watchers is flexible, reviewers say, and accommodates people with special dietary needs, including vegetarians. The cost is also much less than other commercial programs that require the use of prepackaged foods, although the weekly fee can add up quickly.

If you are looking for an online community then SparkPeople.com gets top marks from them, and it's free to join!

Some Examples of Crazy Diets

Living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight naturally in the process is so much easier than following any of these diets!

  • Fat Loss 4 Idiots(formerly WeightLoss4Idiots) claims 9 pounds lost every 11 days. However this is extremely unlikely and unsafe. It would be difficult to maintain and would probably cause a drop in metabolism which work against any fat loss. It consists of an online meal generator but doesn't count calories or measure portions, the advice being 'eat until just short of full'.

  • The Grapefruit Diet originated in the 1920's and is also known as the Hollywood Diet and the 18 Day Diet, there are various forms of it circulating in books and online. It promises a 10lb weight loss in 12 days on the premise of a magival fact burning ingredient found in graprefruit. As you should only be eating around 800-1000 calories a day on this paln you'll undoubtedly lose weight but it will mostly be fluid not fat.

  • Cabbage Soup Diet - as the name suggest this one centres around consuming large quantities. There are a variety of recipes for the soup but the general idea is that you eat as much of it as you can for 7 days and lose 10lbs By filling yourself with it so you don't want any other food and don't cheat!

  • The Chocolate Weight Loss plan says "Eat chocolate, plus other foods you love and achieve lasting weight loss goals, renewed energy, and a longer, healthier lifestyle." A chocolate based shake replaces snacks but otherwise this is basically a low calorie diet of around 1,100 calories, so once again you can't help but lose weight.

  • The Tapeworm Diet is banned in the US and most other countries, except Mexico. It has to be the craziest, most revolting ever! Introducing a parasite into your body that consumes the food you eat while you just carry on eating? There are many potential side effects and risks such as nausea, weakness, bloating, abdominal pain etc and even death.

You can find a huge list of diets and reviews at www.everydiet.org

How to Avoid Crazy Diets Checklist

  • Don't follow diets that focus on just one food like cabbage or grapefruit. To be healthy your diet should include protein, carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

  • Is it based around real foods? Manufactured products are OK in the short term but can be expensive. Follow these healthy eating guidelines to get you started.

  • Avoid plans that ask you to buy supplements and pills. Any diet involving pills should be undertaken with guidance from your doctor.

  • Is the diet plan flexible and will it fit with your lifestyle?

  • It should encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise. Adding a home exercise routine will help keep those pounds off.

  • Get informed - the best way to evaluate a diet plan is to check for long-term clinical studies. Next best is to check reviews in health publications and in the mainstream press.

Confession Time:- I'm fascinated by the claims crazy diets make but I've never tried any of them!

Do you have a crazy diet story to tell? If you've shed pounds for a special occasion or any other reason, please share the true meaning of success for you.

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Drinking Water To Lose Weight? - Yes Studies have shown that not only will you lose weight, but will be more successful at keeping it off.

Calories Burned While Walking? - If you want to lose weight walking, knowing how many calories you've used can be a great motivator.

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