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Choose the Best Aerobic Activities to Produce Lasting Changes in Your Body

Choosing the best aerobic activities for an exercise program can produce wonderful changes in your body, so you look good and feel great.

You don't have to attend a grueling class, aerobic exercise can be easily incorporated into everyday life and doesn't necessarily require classes or gym membership. The term 'cardiovascular exercises' is used interchangeably with aerobic exercises.

As there are numerous ways of exercising aerobically make sure you choose something you'll enjoy, and remember - You don't have to stick with the same activity!

Types of Aerobic Activities - whatever your age you will benefit by adding any of these to your daily routine

Aim to perform an activity that significantly raises your heart rate and can be sustained for 20-30 mins, and do this every other day.

The following activities are the foundation on which any exercise program should be based. What makes these just great is that they can all be done out in the fresh air, in the park,on a walk, wherever, perfect for a healthy lifestyle! Start now, see and feel wonderful changes in your body.

Need reminding of the Benefits of Aerobic Activity?

best aerobic activitiesThe most accessible and easiest is walking - its free, we all do it every day and with a bit of modification it can have a significant benefit to our health. Even a brisk 10 minute walk is good if you haven't been taking any exercise at all. Check out the Walking section now for further advice and information.

Running or jogging - Jogging is slower than running and not usually competitive. A jogger will usually complete a mile in around 10 minutes, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Leisurely running is a good way to describe it. Jogging is great for improving aerobic fitness but stresses the joints and muscles more than walking.

Walking and jogging are often considered the best aerobic activities as they are convenient, inexpensive and effective and have the least risk.

Running is considered to be the most effective aerobic exercise because you get more benefits, and quicker than any other form of exercise. Check out more information on running health benefits if this form of exercising appeals to you.

Cycling is another great way to exercise aerobically. Like walking, jogging and running it can be done almost anywhere, all year round and at low cost. Whilst cycling is more effective than walking, and is kinder on the joints than jogging or running, it does have some risk of injury, hence the need for safety head wear.

Swimming is one of the best aerobic activities for anyone recovering from an injury, or who is disabled, as the water supports the weight of the body. It exercises almost all the muscles of your body. Again it doesn't require any special equipment - if you live near the coast you can even swim for free.

Aerobic dance and step aerobics classes can be great fun but can also be done at home by chosing from many DVDs of aerobic exercises available - even those Jane Fonda workouts from the '80s!

See what aerobics workouts other readers enjoy and recommend, and add your own reviews.

Do you easily become breathless? It's possible you may have asthma and worth getting checked by your doctor. An asthma sufferer writes about exercising with asthma with good, practical advice.

If you can't follow your regular activity because of the weather or injury there are alternatives using home exercise equipment or at the gym. Any of the following would be good substitutes for the best aerobic activities:-

  • Treadmill - vary the speed and incline for increased intensity
  • Rowing Machine - combines upper and lower body work
  • Cross Trainer - one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment providing a workout for both arms and legs
  • Stepper Machine - a good workout for the legs and low impact cardiovascular exercise
  • Stationary Bicycle - some also combine arm movement, or you could get a stand for your outdoor bike
  • Spinning Bicycle - similar to a stationary bike but usually in a class, following a training program
  • Rope Skipping - inexpensive, take it anywhere, do it anywhere

Having gym equipment at home can be very convenient, so if you are thinking of buying home gym equipment be sure to:-

  • Do some research and plan ahead - no impulse buys!
  • Make sure it fulfills your needs
  • Try it out - put it through its paces
  • Buy the best home gym equipment you can afford

So there you have it, choosing the best aerobic activities can improve your overall health, form part of your healthy lifestyle and contribute to you feeling and looking good.

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