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Exercise and Aerobics Workouts That Work
Write About Them Here!

Aerobics workouts are still hugely popular with women of all ages seeking to lose weight and get fit. Since Jane Fonda released her first exercise video in 1982, millions of women have been getting down and dirty in their own homes trying to get a body to die for.

Her amazing success - 17 million copies of her first video sold - has been followed by many other celebrities and fitness gurus over the years and the market is flooded with aerobic workout videos and DVDs.

However, I'm committed to bringing you the best information possible so you are probably looking for a list of the "Best Ever" DVDs to choose from - this is where you come in!

How do you fight the flab?
Have You Found a Routine That Really Works?

Have you found a fitness routine or workout that is fun, or challenging and really works for you? Have you got a better body or lost weight by working out with a celebrity DVD? Write about them here!

Enter the Title of Your Review (ex Review of Blast off Belly Fat)

Your Favorite Exercise or Aerobics Workouts DVDs

Click on the links below to see great reviews about exercise and aerobics DVDs. They were all written other visitors to this page.

Jane Fonda Workout  starstarstarstarstar
I used to workout using the Jane Fonda workout videos. Her tapes were great because she had good music to workout to and her steps were not too hard to ...

Leslie Sansone DVDs  starstarstarstarstar
I love these! I have been doing these for 4 years and have found them quite successful. In every video you walk in place and will do side steps, leg lifts,...

Review of The Hotpants Workout - Dan Karaty  starstarstarstarstar
A fun workout, which doesn't require too much co-ordination. I did find a couple of moves challenging and took a few tries to master, but this can help ...

Zumba - Joining the Party!  starstarstarstarstar
When I decided at the end of December 2009 to finally take control of my life once again and lose some weight, I joined our local YMCA, as it is just up ...

Review of The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout  starstarstarstar
The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout by Arthur Agatston, MD is a wonderful DVD.

This a video that my husband and I both like to use.

It is ...

Relax with Yoga or Pilates for Lifetime Fitness  Not rated yet
The thought of sweating hard for hours every week in a commercial gym might not be your idea of fitness heaven. If you prefer the idea of a gentler form ...

Elliptical Exercise Machines - Love 'em!  Not rated yet
I'm so glad I found the elliptical machine ... It burns calories at a MUCH FASTER speed than the treadmill.

That means I get better benefits for the ...

Review of "Walk away the Pounds" DVDs by Leslie Sansone  Not rated yet
I'm really happy to see that there are other fans of Leslie Sansone's workout videos. I've tried many but Leslie's are by far the best.

Her walking ...

2nd Vote for the Leslie Sansone Workouts!  Not rated yet
These work the absolute best for me! The workouts are easy, as I don't have to leave the house---and if all else fails, I use a trick that Leslie herself ...

In case you're not sure exactly what aerobics is, and what it does, or should do for us, take a look at these pages which explain in detail:-

Learn more about the benefits of aerobic fitness

Understand what aerobic activity is

Check out the best aerobic activities

You see, you can exercise aerobically without ever doing an aerobic workout and still see and feel the benefits!

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Reasons to Exercise for Good Health in Midlife - How many reasons to exercise do you need to get motivated?

Follow a Home Exercise Routine Find The Best Way To Stay In Shape and Feel Good

At Home Exercises can fit around your busy life

Warm Up Exercises Prevent Injury Prepare your body for exercise

Cool Down Exercises Are As Important As The Warm Up

Arm Exercises for Women - Don't Let Your Arms Give Your Age Away

Best Leg Exercises For Women, Busy women don't have time to waste - We need exercises that really work!

What Are The Best Abdominal Exercises? Is one exercise really more effective than another?

Your Home Pilates Workout - Going to classes doesn't suit everyone

Learn How To Do Yoga At Home -Start with basic yoga poses: feel the physical and mental health benefits

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